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Braunston Boat Show

Friday, June 26th, 2009

Finally arrived Braunston 9pm ish Thursday, we’d been doing well until we broke a dolly of the back of Daniel Oakley snatching the butty out of lock (5th one up) on the Napton Flight.

So we left the butty on the flight, got to Braunston, had a new dolly welded on and enlisted helping hands. Karen set off with Jim and Vi back to Napton, while I went with Pete and Di to bring Atalanta down the rest of the flight.

After a demonstration of successfully flushing the butty out of lock 2, we all met up at the bottom lock 2 hrs after setting off back. Arriving just in time for food from the pub.
More news on the show as it emerges and hopefully some pictures from Karen.