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A Long Day

Friday, June 29th, 2007

Set off at 8.30 this morning (after a rather heavy night with Bob and Colin) to go up the Wigan flight. We teamed up with Frode and family (over from Norway for a holiday) and shared the 23 locks up to the top. We carried onto Wheelton, after a further flight of 7 locks.  A fabulous evening, Paul and I thought we had better get on as torrential rain is forecast for tomorrow – again! The water has heated nicely (pauls repairs have done the trick) so its showers all round and an early night.



Thursday, June 28th, 2007

Well – our diesel water heated stopped working while on the Weaver. I needed to replace the glow plug, meanwhile a lot of unburnt diesel built up in the unit.  When fixed it produced large clouds of smoke (see below) which attracted many concerned enquiries but luckly no one phone the fire brigade. Looks like a persistent problem so ordering more glow plugs just in case.


Dover Lock

Thursday, June 28th, 2007

Moored at Dover Lock Inn (which is nowhere near Dover and there are no locks – any more) – we wait here until tomorrow to go up the Wigan Flight.  Started raining just as we moored up.  Had a good run from Lymm along the Bridgewater Canal, up at 6am – well at least we missed the rain today.

Photos update

Tuesday, June 26th, 2007

As we have some time and a good signal here are some photos..

Anne and Jeff

Our friends Anne and Jeff who are both single handed boaters.  Moored a Tixall Wides where we stopped off for a few days.


Roly – looking older but stil alert for a biscuit….


Waiting to enter Harecastle Tunnel (Thursday 21 June 2007)

 Anderton top

Top of Anderton Boat Lift showing an industrial back-drop. The Weaver stopped commercial traffic in 1997.

Northwich – Weaver in Flood

Tuesday, June 26th, 2007

Tuesday morning and the River is closed to navigation. 

Tuesday morning the River has definitely risen, it is up 2ft and the bridge ahead has only 7ft 6ins clearance now reduce to 5ft 6ins, too low for us to get under.  So we are moored here for the day or until the water level drops. 


The Weaver has proved to be both scenic and eventful.  We intended to go down stream to where it meets the Manchester Ship Canal but the first lock downstream was closed.  So we headed upstream through Northwich.


 We moored overnight above Vale Royal Lock, Sunday was a sunny evening and we had a walk via the old abbey site and in to the village of Moulton.


 As forecast Monday was wet, we headed down to Northwich to do some shopping.  There was quite a flow but we moored up ok.

Anderton Boat Lift

Saturday, June 23rd, 2007

We are moored at the boar lift, planning to go down Sunday and back Tuesday (if we can get a space – but it is not too busy). Will post some photos later…


 Going down the lift…


Leavinga nd entering the River Weaver.

Hassel Green

Wednesday, June 20th, 2007

The blog has been neglected last few days, however we have been moving onward. Spent a couple of days at Great Heyword meeting with friends and then headed up the T&M. Anne and Jeff then headed off down the Staffs and Worcs. Went through Harecastle tunnel today – saw a very smart Ivor Batchelor now working for BW.

Roly has stablised, well he still lists to one side but he is doing better. Tried him on some painkillers but didn’t agree.

Planning to go down Anderton boat lift next week and onto the River Weaver for a couple of days before heading back up to Skipton.

Back at Merry Hill

Monday, June 11th, 2007

Moored up at Merry Hill gain on our way back to Skipton (well heading down Stourbridge first).  Good 3G signal so uploaded lots of photos and updated the last few messages so please take a look.

I have had enquiries on how you can add comments – well you need a login and it appears you’ll need to email me for a userid. So if you want to make comments on our blog email me.

Gardner Rally

Monday, June 11th, 2007

A wonderfull weekend at the rally, lots of experts on gardner engines and many people like ourselves just proud to own an engine. Saturday evening we had a fish and chip supper and trip through the Dudley tunnel. Rally 2007 We finally met Danny who restored our engine (in green hat) who we also discovered was partial to a drop of ale. He was pleased to see the engine running well if in need of some polish! Danny Williamson Pam and Alan won best engine at the rally, with Brummie Jem with the last 2L2 Danny restored (ours was his first). Picture below of Alan receiving his trophy. BrummieJem

Sunday evening we joined those left for dinner at the Railway nearby – below are the crowd and we must pass on our thanks to the Gardner Forum for all their excellent organisation of this (free) event.

Dinner Sunday Rally

oh and a picture of Karen before she got too drunk!!

Karen dinner

Appleby Horse Fair

Thursday, June 7th, 2007

Up north at my parents so Karen could go to the Appleby Horse Fair and see the horses. Lots of Photos so assume one will make it in to the blog soon.

Back bham for rally tomorrow. And here are some photos…

Appleby Horse

Appleby horses

Appleby vardi

Appleby by pub

Tied up by the pub..


Size doesn’t matter!