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Our sad loss

Monday, June 30th, 2008

Sorry that the blog has been very quiet but we have had a very difficult few weeks. Paul’s Mum Joan was taken ill very suddenly on 12 June and rushed into hospital. Seriosly ill she was then transferred to the Intensive care unit at the Freeman hospital in Newcastle, but she never regained conciousness. Sadly in the early evening of Wednesday 18 June, Joan passed away. The funeral was last Friday and I found it a sad, but unlifting experience as we celebrated her life.

We met at Lowther Church for the service (click on this link to read the poem Paul read out at the service, that he and Helen Beetham wrote specially)

Paul, Ray and I went back on Sunday for a walk and to take some photos.

This is a beautiful little church in the middle of the Lowther estate (where the carriage driving competition is held the first week of August).

Lowther Church

Here are some thumbnail pictures; one of the river Lowther that runs below the Church, where Joan saw her first Kingfisher, and the other shows a view of the walk beside the river.

Bridge over river lowther

Ray and Jet through gate

Joan was laid to rest in the woodland and meadow area at Penrith Cemetery. She wanted a “green funeral” so her casket was made of wicker and garlanded with english garden and woodland flowers. The views from the meadow look across Saddleback and other Lakeland mountains that Joan knew and loved so well.

View from Penrith Cemetery

Joan’s resting place

One man and his dog

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

Yes I’ve been left alone for the week but Karen left me with Jet to keep me out of trouble! I am finding out that Jet like to ferret around in hedges, so far this week we’ve had several plastic bottles and beer cans (empty), a birds head (dead of course), an audio cable, a can of deodrant (was he saying something?) and the plastic squeeky pig (rear end only). On one occaison he chased teh ball into a bush, cam back out with the ball, but hangon the one I threw was yellow  – the one he came back with red!

So while Karen  enjoys he trip up North, I’m off on another excitingw alk around the parks of Banbury.

Thelma and Louise (take 2)

Monday, June 2nd, 2008

I’m skiving off yet again – my sister Ju and I have driven up to Yorkshire for a girlie week away from the chores, seeing relations and then going onto Appleby Horse Fair. Thanks to Paul and Kaz for holding the forts while we are away.

Lunch with cousin Nicky at Bingley on the way up. Then onto Brimham for cousin Amy’s 18th party. Best pressie was a set of Nancy Lopez golf clubs (taller than Amy!)

amy and clubs

Spent the following morning with Amy doing family tree stuff with Amy, who is a member of Genes Reunited. Amy had loads to share with me, thanks Amy!
I did a bit of walking and noseying around the farm, while Ju and Marge prepared lunch. Look what I found – a fantastic shed with absolutely everything. What a treasure trove……

Pats shed