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Trent to Cromwell

Thursday, August 30th, 2007

Back on the move after a brief stop in Lincoln for over week to visit my brother Christopher and Kerry. 

Left Torksey lock and travelled up the Trent to Cromwell Lock where we have moored on a pontoon by the lock.  Took us just over 3 hrs to travel the 15 miles from Torksey with a slight push from the tide – engine got hot but seemed ok. Very windy today and not looking any better for next few days but we’ll set off again Friday.  The River Trent is very nice and I am sure Karen will select some photos so you can share in the experience.

Keadby to Torksey

Friday, August 17th, 2007

Left no-mans land at Keaby, 7:40am and arrived 12:30 at Torksey This is a junction off the River Trent at the top of the Fosdyke Canal, about 4 hours away from Lincoln. The Trent was windy but the rain held off most of the time and we even saw some sunshine. Karen has lots of photos – will post up when we get a better signal.

Aire and Calder

Tuesday, August 14th, 2007

A wet day through Leeds and onto Woodlesford for the night. Shared the locks with a couple on a plastic cruiser, who didn’t seem to know where they were going. Let them continue on alone with instructions to turn right at Castleford.
Electronically operated locks now until we get back onto the Trent and Mersey at Shardlow. Saw where the water level had reached at River Lock in Leeds, up 2.5 metres, back down at present but rain today means there is good flow.

Booked to go through Keadby Lock on Friday at 7:40am to go up the River Trent.

More rain but outlook is better for tomorrow.

On the move again

Friday, August 10th, 2007

Left Skipton and moored top of the Bingley 5 rise. Karen’s cousin Nicky is making new covers for the sofa, so we’ll be here for a few days.  Then heading down through Leeds.

 Weather had finally got better so we have been able to do a few jobs, changed engine oil and done a bit of painting. Life is relaxed and easy going.

 Karen has been researching her family tree while we were in Skipton. Found lots of Wooler (her maiden name) entries and have tentative links back to the 1600s after a couple of days on and parish records in the library. Also called into Kildwick church and found two Wooler grave stones from the 1800s – big wealthy family but we think not Karen’s direct line.

Karen thinks that a direst line descendent (Stephen) came from Gisbourne as an agricultural carter, then later in one of the census’ was shown as a tenant farmer on Windy Pike at Hanlith Hall estate. Stephen’s son Richard (Brian’s grandfather) was shown as Farmer, 6 Hanlith Hall in the 1901 census. It would be interesting to know when that tenancy ended…..and why?

 Some photos of the reunion and family gravestones on the new page ‘Wooler family gallery’, oh and do have a look at the latest newsletter.

Wooler reunion 8 July 2007

Friday, August 10th, 2007

Friday 6 July

Julie, Kaz and Tom arrive at Gargrave and stay with us on the boat. Dan, Sarah and Joel drive up from Torquay and stay at Travel Inn near Skipton.

Saturday 7 July

Nic flies into Stanstead from Italy and Simon gives him a lift up to Gargrave. Lu, Mike and the boys drive up from Kinver.

Julie, Kaz, Tom and I drive out to Kirkby Maham to visit the memorial Plaque in the churchyard opposite the cottage where Dad was born. A few tears as we thought of dad and wished he could still be with us, especially with the reunion the next day.

All met at boat in the afternoon, so lunch for 14. Paul was the star, busy cooking a homemade soup, rolls etc to feed the starving masses (men and boys are always hungry). Thank goodness the rain stopped so we were able to sit outside on the towpath.

Late afternoon folk decamped to check into their hotels etc. Simon books into Malham Youth hostel with the lads – Tom, Matthew, Andy, Joel and Nic!

We all meet up at the Victoria Inn in Kikby Malham for the evening meal. It was a lively affair with sqabbles over the treacle sponge and custard. Wonderful to all be together, though we missed Kate and Will, and Dave and Nat.

Sunday 8 July

All gathered in Malham for a walk up to the Cove, all that is except Paul who kindly looked after Roly and Pip and waited for his Mum and dad to arrive from Penrith.

The sun held off and we had a fantastic walk past the youth hostel up to the Cove, then over the limestone pavement at the top. Black clouds were gathering over the moor in the distance but the rain just missed us.

A cup of tea in the local cafe then it was back to get changed, and on over the top of the moor for a white knuckle ride on single track roads to Kettlewell for the gathering.

Aunty Louise, Uncle Peter and family had worked really hard to provide a fantastic spread – lunch for loads of Woolers and friends. Does anyone know how many came along, it must have been a couple of hundred?

It was the first ‘reunion’ we (Brian Wooler’s offspring) had been to; and although I had met uncles, aunts and cousins when we met up to bury Dad’s ashes at Kirkby Malham, I only had a vague memory of who was who. It was moving to meet Dads brothers again, as they reminded me so much of Dad. I feel there is a definite Wooler look and shared manerisms and speech.

It was sad that Dad, David and Valerie are no longer with us. Edith and Marjorie were not able to be there, so it was the 4 brothers, John, Richard, Peter and Barry who delighted us with stories of their early years and memories of Dad. Paul and I let everyone know we were going to be around in the Skipton area for the rest of July, and we received lots of invitations to meet up with folk again later on.