Visit from Aunt Edith

As some of you may remember we Woolers had a big family reunion last summer and I got to meet aunts and uncles and cousins I’d not really met before. One of my Aunts who couldn’t be there was my Aunt Edith, who now lives in Milton Keynes. Edith caught the bus over to Oxford and walked with me to the boat which was moored on the Thames outside Christ Church College.

CC College

It was lovely sunny day and some brave men were having a go at punting. Edith was impressed and asked them to pose for picture and they kindly obliged.


We admired the geese and their newly hatched goslings and walked back to the pub called appropriately enough “The Head of the River” for lunch.


Edith and I had a lovely day catching up with family news and she also told me stories of when she was a girl and young woman training to be a nurse. I must write these up and ask her if I can publish them, as they are fascinating to hear. Is anyone else involved in researching their family history?

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