Friends and more friends…

Had a fabulous weekend down in Devon a week ago. My thanks to Jane F. for the free lift down to Exeter and back for Pippy and me. Also big thanks to Dan’s friend Kane and to Von for having me stay, and thanks to Gabi for a lovely meal Saturday night.

Gabi and Von

At Von’s I had a wonderful night’s sleep on a “memory foam” mattress. Enthused, I persuaded Paul that we had to have one on the boat – we had never been very comfortable on the sprung mattress we bought a couple of years ago – so we ordered a very small double (3ft 9 ins x 6ft 2 ins) via the internet. 2 days later it was delivered to “the green boat opposite the Watermans Arms”.

Sarah and Stuart kindly took the old mattress down to the local recycling centre and to say thanks we invited them to join us for a cruise up the Thames in the balmy April weather.

Sarah and Stuart

I think Sarah is wishing she was somewhere warm and cosy!

The next day we were joined by Chris, Rhona and their two boys, and Rhona’s friend and work colleague Pat for a little boat trip.

Rhona and Patsy

Dylan helped Paul at the business end of things, and somehow his hand seemed to become attached to the throttle control. It was a little un-nerving for Paul when – coming to a particularly tricky tight bend lined with moored boats – the revs died completely, leaving him with no steering! No harm done, as a relayed message to throttle control, got the revs up again and the boat safely round.


Lunch was at the Rock of Gibralter where Chris and Corrick played the lemon game ie who coul keep a slice of lemon in their mouth longest without pulling a face

Chris & Corrick lemon game

A great day, and though a bit warmer than the previous day, a bit of sunshine would have made it perfect.

Oh, saw the first swallows of the summer at Thrupp……… cant be long now to nice long, hot days!

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