Blue Lias 2008

A long day cruising on Friday from Huddlesford near Fradley to the Blue Lias Pub at Stockton, arriving just in time for the 2008 Cut Web rally. Thanks to Brenda, Graham and Roger, who worked us down the Stockton flight in a record 30 mins, and saw us to our mooring at the Blue Lias pub.

Blue Lias Pub and moorings,

The weather was glorious for the whole of the weekend, and gave a warm relaxed feel to the gathering. Brian, Graham and Dave had a programme of optional events lined up, but there was plenty of time for sitting around and getting to know new people. Some of the highlights were an exploration of the towpath (and local pubs) in the form of a treasure hunt, guided by Glen; fender throwing (which Paul and I won – very jammy); a buffet supper, folk band and not forgetting the “never-ending raffle”, on Saturday night.

We managed to shift a lot of stuff in the Sunday morning auction, so thanks to those kind people who took our junk home with them. Paul really got into the swing and, unable to resist a bargain, brought back quite a bit of other people’s junk to our boat. Where we will put it all I don’t know!

Anyway we had a really great time, met some fun people and enjoyed the weather. And here are some snaps taken over the weekend…

Michael relaxing, Brenda, Brenda and Roger

Nigel getting the TV to work, Brenda and the sailors, Lorna and Bob

Graham and team folding raffle tickets, The band, Julian and co

Margaret and others, dscn2340web.jpg, Glen

dscn2329web.jpg, dscn2345web.jpg, John looking good

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