Charlie gets top marks

Charlie looking pleased with himself

Charlie looking pleased with himself

Charlie took his Kennel Club Good Citizen Bronze and Silver tests last Sunday and I am really pleased to be able to tell you that he passed.

The weather conditions were awful. It was a wet and cold day and I was doubtful that he would do even a 1 minute stay, one of the tests in the Bronze Award. However he was perfect, a very good stand stay for the Bronze (he didn’t even move a paw) and a 2 minute sit stay for the Silver. A really great effort (and no pressure on me as one of the dog trainers at the club!)

Have a look at the Kennel Club link to find out more about the tests.
I think they are a good idea, as they are aimed at the average pet owner and provide a starter curriculum and a focus for training. They are pretty basic but allow progression and give us all something to aim for.

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