Home again

Left the Blue Lias pub at 1.00pm, after the auction. Managed to team up with a young couple on a hire boat, and with plenty of boats coming down the flight, made it up the eight locks in 48 mins.

Stockton flight

We carried onto the top of Marsdon Doles and moored up an hour or so into the windy Fenny stretch at 7pm. Early start the next morning and a smooth run back into Banbury onto our mooring on the arm. The sun stayed out until we had mored up, and then it began to rain gently, matching my mood.

At the mooring, all seemed to be in order, and I noticed that the grass seed I sowed just before we left has come on well and we now have a lawn (thanks to Pete for mowing the grass over the summer). Need to get some tubs and winter pansies to brighten up the patio.

And after doing a pile of washing, it is back to work until our next cruise.

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