Gettin a move on

Paul is at the helm steering the boat through the outskirts of Manchester, past Trafford Park and all the Sunday fishermen (havent spotted a fisherwoman yet, but you never know). I am “down below” finally feeling a bit more like it after a week on antibiaotics for a skin infection, which is getting to be a bit of a habit at this time of the year.

We set off from Skipton on Thursday 11 Sept towards Wigan and Manchester, having been beaten back by the floods in Leeds. If we can do it we are trying to get to a boat rally near Braunston for the 19th, which is a bit of a tall order as its about 120 miles, loads of locks and about 12 hours cruising a day. However we do like a challenge, so watch this space! If anyone would like to place a bet on whether we get there or not let me know.

OK highlights and event of the trip so far.

Dave and Sue

Met up with a really nice couple on their first boating holiday. Bumped into them twice. Once at the White Lion in Kildwick with my Aunt Marje and Uncle Pat. Then at Gargrave, where we shared the Bank Newton flight of locks with them.

Rubbish on Leeds and Liverpool

Paul found the boater recycling point on the way through Blackburn (I think) and managed to get rid of 6 cans of dirty engine oil.

Manchester Ship Canal

We travel across the swing bridge which goes over the Manchester Ship canal. Lovely sunshine and views.

Jet is now resting his head on my knee, which means he has got fed up and needs a walk. But can I get Paul to stop the boat to let us off? Bye for now

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