Floods and Change of Plans

We set off yesterday for Bingley, on the way to Leeds, and had a nice cruise in the sunshine. What a chage today though. I spoke to Barry on the “5 Rise” this morning to be told that the flood gates in Leeds were shut and with more than 2 inches of rain forecast for today they aren’t likely to be open again until Monday or Tuesday next week. This means we cant get down for Alt-C in time. Also this will hold us up for getting to Keadby in time to make the tides for travelling up the Trent.

So plan B – back to Skipton and “over the top” home to Banbury. This will mean we probably won’t make the gig with Cut Web, as it is 111 hours to be done in 8 days. Thats about 13 hours a day solid, and in this weather? I dont think so.

Both Paul and I are really disappointed. Paul says we are going to give Yorkshire a miss next year – by boat anyway!

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