One more week to go

Where has the time gone? It really feels like an Autumn day here in Skipton, on the first day of September, but at least the rain held off for most of the day.

Not much on the blog as we haven’t been moving around a lot just up to East Marton and back. But we have been seeing all the family, which has been great. Lots of progress with the family history research too, but it is going to take quite a while to process all the new information, photos and documents. Paul has been very supportive, doing much of the recording while I deal with the emotional stuff.

We will stay in Skipton until Thursday, then travel down to Bingley and the top of the 5 rise. Friday we will go down the locks and moor up at the Fishermans Arms, near Cousin Nicky’s flat. Saturday Nicky is giving Paul and I a lift up to Settle for Aunt Nora’s 80th birthday party (which will be great). Then Sunday we set off early for Leeds.

Here are some photos of family (hope I’ve remembered the names OK). Click on the pictures to make them larger.

Barry’s son Michael and grandson Kieren

Cousin Nicky and John’s family

Jet wearing a shed

Nora on the boat

Gareth, Gillian and Oliver on the boat

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