A bright an early start. The forecast doesn’t look good so we are making a dash for the Barge Inn at Seend. Lovely sunshine though this morning, must be the calm before the storm. Arrived at the Barge at 10.30am. The local gang turned up to bully us out of some bread.

Ducks at Seend

They were very persistent and when we hid, they flew onto the roof and banged the glass of the Houdini hatch in the roof, just to let us know they could see us.  Filled up with water and moored up Nik and Gemma’s boat right opposite the pub. They arrived at 7.30pm, and after unloading the car we moved to the pub to sample the local brew 6X – made in Devizes a few miles away. Nik and Paul managed a few pints! Gemma and I were a little more restrained. Gemma was recovering from a “girls weekend” in Sheffield. I didn’t have an excuse, I’m just past it. Battened down the hatches and prepared for a bumpy night.

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