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Osney Bridge

Monday, March 3rd, 2008

Bit of excitement as we watched all day for the arrival of the Dutch barge with Ben and Charlotta, on their maiden voyage from Eynsham. Charlotta, who is Dutch, had the help of her father to find an old barge in Holland that they could bring over to the UK. She and Ben had lived on a narrow boat at Jericho in Oxford for many years, but the arrival of two small babies made them yearn for more accommodation. Barges in UK are a silly price so it was cheaper to buy one in Holland, have it adapted there and then to transport it across the Chanel. Anyway the excitement was whether the boat would make it under Osney bridge, as it is really low. (We have to take off all our chimneys and duck).

 Dutch Barge

Ben had a friend to help with the steering, while Charlotta stayed down below with the children.


Anyway they made it with a couple of inches to spare and moored up in the marina below Osney lock.