South West Action Learning Set

ActionLearning from Jan
(Jan took the photo, so she isn’t in it)

November 2004 – The end of an era, the Action Learning Set that has been
running for the last two years has come to an end. Members of the group
are going off in different directions – some already started a new and
exciting life!! Others just starting out and developing. It was a
positive time in my life which helped me to gain confidence and get to
where I am today. Thank you all for your support. Janice Fortune.

Intro from Karen
I participated in the South West Action Learning Set for Managers when I worked at Exeter CVS, 6 years ago. The Action Learning Set comprised 5 managers (myself, Richard, Steve, Janice and David) and was facilitated by Judith. We met every 6 to 8 weeks or so and the group ran for 2 years. We were different from other groups, in that 2 of our meetings were held on our narrow boat “Blakely” during one way trips from Bristol to Bath; and we saw ourselves as the most successful because we maintained our commitment to our meetings over the 2 years. (The analysis of our work has been written up by Judith and is embedded in a report held by NACVS – not sure of new name?)

This page has been set up by me (Karen) on our blog, following our reunion on Tuesday 5 January 2010. The aim is to provide a page where we can share our news (including any photos).


From left to right: Richard, Steve, Karen, Judith, David and Jan
It was great to see you all and to hear all your news!
Please email me with anything you would like me to post.

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