Plans for 2008

And its all change again. Because of the time away in the Lakes for Joan’s funeral we have decided not to go back to banbury from Rugby (where the boat has been blacked) but to go on up to Skipton, but slowly. If we cruise non stop we could get there in 12 days.

More later when plans are firmed up.

Just an outline so far.

Well plans change, and we are no longer working in the boatyard. So we plan to stay around Oxford area until mid June, then head North. Stopping to get the boat black edand then maybe heading up to Skipton.

We are still happy to receive visitors for short cruises up and down the river, depending on the weather and how busy we are.

I will be taking some time out in June to travel with my sister Julie, up to see Appleby Horsefair and then onto Yorkshire to see Aunts, Uncles and cousins.

Thats our outline plan for now, more detail later when we have a better idea of what is happening week to week.

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