Winners at the Show


As a break from dog walking in Banbury I took Charlie and little Mo, a customer’s dog, to the Bicester and Finmere Show hoping to have some fun. It was a great family show, the old fashioned type with rides for the kids and some very posh horses.

Charlier wins best terrier


They had a little dog show in the side rings with obedience and novelty classes. Charlie went into the Best Rescue and Terrier class, and won best terrier, clever boy!


Mo wins first in obedience

I thought I could have a bit of fun with Mo in the pet obedience class. Mo and owner had recently gained their Kennel Club Bronze with the Banbury and District Dog Training Club, so I thought we had a good chance. Imagine our surprise and delight when Mo put in a perfect round of heelwork, novice recall, control at gate and a one minute downstay! He came first. Well done Mo – and his owners who have done all the hard work.

Charlie wins fourth in obedience

That was a hard act for Charlie to follow in the “Triers Obedience”, but we did very well against some stiff opposition and got a fourth. We had to do heel on and off lead, a recall and a retrieve over a jump, and two stays.

A long and successful day, with two firsts and two tired dogs.

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