Well the blog has been very quiet for several months but we have been busy. We did spend June and July out with Atalanta at Stoke Bruene and Braunston festivals.

Karen has been getting very busy with Pet Care Servcies, which has restricted our boating as she needds to be back at base to walk dogs. So I decided this was a good opportunity to repiant Daniel Oakley and get started with Atalanta.

Six weeks later and I have almost finished Daniel Oakley. I have added the small red panels on the engine room that never got done 4 years ago and changed the forward cabin sides to a dark gray. The roof has had a repaint and the rest of the boat a general tidy up after 4 years of boating.

Atalanta is starting to get back to the 1930’s coronation colours of red, white and blue.

I’ll take some photos and post them up later.

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