Trip to the South West

I needed to see the boys. It had been so long since seeing Daniel and David in particular and Christmas had made things worse, so Paul and I dashed down to Devon last Monday to see them, after dropping Charlie off with my sister Lu.

Dinner in Exeter with the boys and Holly

Dinner in Exeter with the boys and Holly

We met up in Exeter and went for a meal. Dave had brought his new girlfriend Holly to meet us – it must be serious then! A lovely young woman, I thought she held her own very well with the boys when the banter grew more lively. Dave and Holly left soon after we had eaten as theyhad to drive down to Cornwall and the forecast wesn’t good. Dan and Nick came back to the Hotel and we had a drink in the bar.

Nick, my youngest son stayed with us until 1.45am as he was getting the coach from Exeter to Heathrow, to catch a plane to Miami the following morning. He was going to meet a young woman he met through Facebook. You can imagine all the scare stories his brothers told him!

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