Welcome to little Charlie

Well here he is at last – our new dog – and a “right Charlie” he is. It has been hell without a dog (Paul will tell you how miserable I have been) but after losing 3 last year it seemed to take me a while to recover, ready to have my heart broken all over again.



He was a bit of a handful when we brought him home from Ardley Kennels last Thursday at 4pm. Totally stressed and confused – mouthing our hands and feet, humping my cushions and climbing onto and over everything!

The next morning I put a long line on his collar and we used this to encourage him off the sofa and to control him when he got carried away with the biting.

But he is so clver and sweet. He loves his cuddles and being brushed. He has learned to jump from the sofa into his bed, to sit, lie down and stand, to roll-over and we are almost there with the “bang you’re dead” trick.

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