Atalanta coming home to Banbury

All the boys with Atalanta

All the boys with Atalanta

I said it was easy, but Paul and Ray didn’t agree. They got a little stuck locks 2,3 and 9 on the Napton flight. Lock 2 because it was tight and 3 and 9 because they had lowered the water level to flood the boat through lock 2.
Still lots of fun.
Here is Pete showing us what to do at Claydon.

Ray took it all very seriously, and wouldnt relinquish his post on the tiller of the butty to let me ahve a steer. Aaaah

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  1. Sue, Indigo Dream says:

    We passed you last weekend – both boats looked mighty fine! It obviously takes a LOT concentration to manouver such a long convoy through those bends…..

  2. paul says:

    Sue, great to make connections on the cut as well as the web. It was surprisingly not so difficult to steer and manouvre, the butty helps a lot in the tight bends around the summit over Fenny.

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