Problems with the insurance and the ‘elm

The holiday was booked. Paul and I were going to bring Atalanta back to Banbury…….but it all went horribly wrong.

Our insurers read through the survey and zoomed in on the words relating to the fact that the ‘elm (Helm) was knackered and we would need a new one.

H'elm of Atalanta

H'elm of Atalanta

So with much ringing around and mainly thanks to Dave at Hillmorton boatyard, the surveyor was booked for the Saturday and we all trooped along to check the ‘elm, or rudder.
I should have said a lot of “bow hauling” went into getting Atalanta down the locks at Hillmorton to the boatyard!
Anyway we were given the all clear so towed it out of the arm all the way back to the top of the locks. Whew!

Massive thanks to David, who didn’t charge us a penny for the use of his mobile crane to get the ‘elm off Atalanta and on the side.

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