OK Help needed please

Karen and Paul

Karen and Paul

Our idea for a name “The Roaming Boat Company” has not been well recieved, so we are asking for your help please.

Paul and I are both qualified teachers and currently provide a range of services e.g. seminars, workshops, project management in Higher and Further Education, management consultancy and fundraising for charities etc. Paul also sells the odd product or 6 e.g. fenders for boats. I also do a bit of dog training now and then.

Most of the organisations we work with already know us, ie that we live and work from a boat.

So all you talented and imaginative people out there please help and send us your ideas for a name.

2 Responses to “OK Help needed please”

  1. Chris and Kerry says:

    I have to say I do like the picture looks like you are getting married!!!

  2. Karen says:

    You are obsessed woman!

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