Our new Company

We are thinking of taking our accountant’s advice and starting our own company. What do you think of
“Roaming Boat” ? It seems to say who we are. Otrher names we looked at, with a boaty theme were
“Smart Cut Solutions”
Green Boat (already taken)
HESS (short for He Earns She Spends)
Any thoughts?

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  1. “Smart Cut Solutions” is far more positive IMHO. “Roaming Boat” could have negative connotations, since it could be interpreted (by those who are technologically challenged) as saying you’re hard to get hold of.

  2. Chris and Kerry says:

    What will the business be?

  3. Brian Holt says:

    I think Chris and Kerry are right, match the name of the company to what you intend your buisness to be. That’s where the moneys coming from, unless you are going into the boat moving buisness 🙂

  4. Karen says:

    Hi John
    Most of the people/organisations we contract with know we are mobile on the boat, so shouldnt be a problem. I know what you mean though – bit of a traveller image to “roaming”

    Chirs and Kerry
    The company will contract with organisations rather than Paul or I individually. Makes more sense.

  5. Brenda says:

    I like “Smart Cut Solutions” – covers a multitude of sins!

    I originally thought of The Floating Card Company for us – but as my cards don’t float – that went out of the window!

    Good luck anyway.

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