Back into the mainstream

I have been very fortunate to land a job with Oxfordshire County Council. It is good money but the kind of job you can leave behind at 5pm. Paul and I will be working hard over the next few years to build up our savings again. We are busy trying to make our next “life plan” – to decide what our new priorities and goals are. I feel that we have done really well to have achieved our goal of 3 years cruising round the waterways system, which has left me with plenty of wonderful memories, but a bit flat and lacking direction – or it could just be the thought of being a wage slave again!

Obviously getting a new dog will now be put on hold, with us both working hard. Someone told us that Dogs for Disabled, based in Banbury, want people to have their dogs-in-training for weekends, so they dont have to stay in kennels. It would be ideal for us to have a weekend dog, so I shall be following this up. Might have the chance of helping out with some dog training on Sunday mornings. When the snow clears I will go along and have a look.

Not much boating happening. With water available, the genny to charge the batteries and provide the electricity and Dusty the coalman who comes by boat to deliver gas and fuel we have no need to move. I hope when the weather picks up that we can get away for the weekend sometimes, a nice little run to Cropredy or towards Oxford?

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