A slow thaw

The weather is turning milder at last. The ice on the canal has nearly melted and the sun has been shining a bit. We managed to fill up with water at last. I can have a shower, and so can Paul. He has a lot of travelling this week – to York, Bristol and London.

Eddie hasn’t been well, a bit sicky still. John our vet did some blood tests and results show that Eddie has a virus. He is eating well though, and seems to have plenty of energy so we will just keep and eye on the little chap. I let Eddie out for short bursts. He only has a puppy coat and so gets cold quickly.

Eddie having a look

Eddie having a look

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  1. Sue, Indigo Dream says:

    I do hope that’s Eddie’s feeling better now.
    Sue, Indigo Dream
    ps. great to be able to leave comments – I hope you don’t get fed up with them!

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