A Wedding

We had a wonderful day on Friday, when our boat friend Jeff (of Huddersfield canal fame) married his new love Sandra. We joined them for the evening bash and listened, open mouthed, to the tales of the days events.

First, earlier in the week when they went to collect their M&S specially ordered 4 tiered wedding cake, only to find that half the cake was not there. The top two tiers had gone missing! M&S apologised, found the missing tiers and gave a total refund.

On the day itself, Sandra got a call at the house a couple of minutes before she was due to leave for the registra’s office, saying that the stretch limo had broken down. The flowers hadn’t arrived either, so what to do? The available vehicle was a jeep, so she gathered her long white dress and climbed in!
Got there just in time, and as she was climbing out of the jeep, who should appear but an apologetic florist. They had been stopped for speeding by the police and been delayed. As Sandra and Jeff said – you couldn’t write it !
Their sense of humour carried them through, and having coped with all of that, you can see that they are made for each other and will have a wonderful time together.
Congratulations Mr and Mrs Hall.

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