Died and gone to heaven

Well almost. Both Pip and Jet are getting rather spoilt at the present, so we have nowhere to sit. Karen has been cooking them beef and potatoes, egg and pasta, to try to get them eat. Jet is only interested in custard creams – at 30p a packet, I wonder why we have been spending a fortume on dog food all these years.

 Dogs on sofa

We’re currently nursing both Pip and Jet, who are on their last legs. Pip goes back to John, the vet, on Friday to test her kidney function. If she is unable to maintain some function, we don’t expect her to live much longer. She also had a “stroke” of some sort and is very unsteady on her feet.

Jet continues to swell, and is now struggling to walk, as he is carrying around a gallon of extra fluid now. So he is quite heavy to lift on and off. He is quite happy but starting to struggle and not eating much. Despite his bloated body, there is not much else on him.

We’ll contimue to do what we can, but don’t expect them to be around much longer.

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