Pip visits John the vet

Pip is off her food, and drinking loads, so I took her into see John, our vet. Pip shivered with fear, cowering in the corner – she really hates going to the vets, any vet. I lifted her onto the bench and she did a wee, which was just as well as we needed a sample for John to test.
Unfortunately the bad news is that she has chronic kidney failure. The good news is that if we can get her eating a low protien low phosphorus diet we will be able to prolong her life. Trouble is she doesnt like the specialist renal diet food we have tried her on.
If I say I am really at the end of my tether with all of this, those of you who have followed our journey this year will know what I mean. First losing Roly, then Joan, Paul’s Mum, then Jet on his last legs, going any day soon and now Pip. I feel so sad so much of the time. I know they are only dogs and the loss is not so awful when compared to losing Joan, but their symptoms and everything are just reminders of her illness and that awful last week she spent in hospital.

No more dogs this year. You have read it here on the blog, now someone please remind me when the next soppy, hairy face looks up at me!

A cute photo of Pip….

Pip shaking hands

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