Trip to Greece

Hi, we have just got back from our trip to Thessaloniki in Greece. I went to a “COST 866 Green care in agriculture” workshop with Liz Ormerod as representatives for the Society for Companion Animal Studies. I had a really fantastic time, though it was hard work and I came back exhausted. Paul came too and with Liz and her husband Edward, we stayed at the 5 star Elektra Palace Hotel with views over the square to the beach and over the bay to Mount Olympus.

Elektra Palace Hotel

Paul worked in the daytime, then he and Edward joined us for dinner in the evening.

Dinner in the square

The delegates all worked hard and it was impossible to miss a session as they were very interactive and we had to contribute. But on Wednesday after a trip to the Cassandra Farm Prison to see Green Care in action (absolutely inspiring example of rehabilitation rather than inhuman punishment), the workshop delegates were taken to the beach for a paddle and a last meal together. The beach and the views were wonderful.

The beach

There are lots of street dogs in Thessaloniki and they hung around the restaurants to be fed by the tourists. This one sat under the hedge next to our table keeping out of the sun.

Street dog

While we were in Greece, Jet and Pip went to stay with their Uncle Stuart and Aunty Sarah in Oxford. Sarah and Stuart were very brave as Jet has been diagnosed with peritinitis (inflamation of the abdomen) and is on antibiotics and anti-inflamitories, and so they had to give out the pills etc. Jet had also just come out of investigatory surgery, and had stitches in his tummy, which had to be inspected each day to check they werent coming undone.

Thanks to Sarah and Stuart, Paul and I had a lovely time, and though we would have liked to have had more time together we enjoyed seeing the sun again.

Karen and Paul

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