A Day in Leeds

Paul and I decided we liked the mooring in Leeds and we would stay another day (despite lack of grass, poo bins etc.). Just as well really as it tipped down during the night and continued throughout today. So we both worked all morning and into the afternoon. Last dash back to the Armouries museum to spend a couple more hours seeing the exhibits. This is the doorway into the Museum – really attractive and inviting –

Armouries Museum Doorway

Then we topped up with shopping, filled up the water tank and chatted to all the boats who had arrived during the day. We took the dogs out for a last walk when it was dark. Jet managed to fall in, just by the boat. In his excitement getting on and off to see where I was he just didn’t look and well, in he went. Fortunately he always wears his harness so Paul reached down and dragged him out. I grabbed my camera and we went for a walk.

This is the stairway of the museum all lit up

Staircase at armouries

And this is Clarence Dock all lit up. Lots of boats moored up next to us on the right.

Leeds Baisin

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