An evening at Torksey

Gentle cruise back to Torksey on Sunday afternoon, where we were penned down onto the river moorings to be ready for an early departure to Keadby the following morning.

Boats (and owners) of all shapes and sizes went down the lock together.

Torksey Lock

We moored up and were joined again by Chris, Kerry and Josh for the afternoon. They bravely walked through the field to the mooring, passing a group of horses waiting to come down the bank to get a drink from the river. We had a lazy, pleasant afternoon and Paul cooked a tasty supper.

Later that evening a guy called Paul on Narrow Boat Feroxylady who was coming out of the lock to join us on the mooring, shouted that one of the horses horse had got its leg trapped in a wire fence.

Horse with wire on leg

I grabbed our bolt cutters, and, with another guy to steady the horse and catch the loose end of the wire, managed to free the “stallion”. Yes he had all his bits, but being a cob kept on poor grazing and probably needing a drink didn’t seem too bothered with me waving bolt cutters under his nether regions. Our good deed for the day.

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