Work life balance…

We just missed out on an opportunity to be on Look North lunch time today to be interviewed about the joys of living on the waterways. Not sure if they found a willing victim as we don’t have TV. But if anyone saw it please let me know.

Since we set off back in June to get the boat blacked, we’ve been working off and on, sometimes on the move, catching 30 minutes (or 5) between locks or swing bridges. It brings a new dimension to work life balance, which I am interested to explore, and looks as if we will get the opportunity well into September, as we won’t be back in Banbury before then.

Is this so different working in an office, with the phone ringing every 5 minutes, someone asking a question or yet another meeting. It is difficult to focus on the real work tasks that need full attention. I still run the problem of planning a phone call to only find when the time comes there is no phone signal. Even moored now in the centre of Leeds the 3G signal is intermittent.

So here’s to flexible working on the move.

The sunny weather doesn’t help – but who’s complaining!

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