Chris, Kerry, Josh and curry

Another scorching day. Lazy morning, a bit of shopping then we all (us plus dogs) caught the bus into Lincoln to meet up with Paul’s brother Chris and his fiance Kerry (Kerry’s son Josh was spending the day with his Dad). Lunch at a waterside bistro then back to Chris and Kerry’s for supper. Paul offered to cook a curry………we discussed having a bar-be-que but decided to play safe as the weather was dodgy with thunderstorms on the way.

Chris goes to look for a water pistol in Josh’s shed, with a bit of help from Jet. Jet is obsessed with sheds. We think its because the doggy toys were kept in a shed in the exercise pen, where he stayed at the Blue Cross kennels.

Chris and Jet and the shed

Kerry does a bit of dog training – Pip crashes out (she knows it will be a late night) but Jet only has eyes for Kerry!


Josh arrives home later in the afternoon and changes into his football gear, grabs his bike and we all go for a walk to the park.

Josh on bike

The curry was consumed late in the evening and we took a dog-friendly cab back to Saxilby. Thanks for a great day!

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