My own island

Wonderful day yesterday as I spent the day on my own moored up on Hazleford Island. I was the only boat till later on in the day, so early morning it was just PIp, Jet, me and hundreds of rabbits.

The mooring was against a set of steep steps, which the dogs just about managed.

Mooring on Hazleford

Paul arrived back from Bristol on the local stopping train from Nottingham to Bleasby. I cycled the two miles or so from the island to the little station, so that he could put his heavy bag in the front panier. It was a bit of a struggle to get the bike up the steps and then over the lock gate – but we did it.

View of the lock Hazleford

Back to today and just doing funding bids and phone conferences first thing. Then Paul and I are setting off at about 11.30 am (if he ever gets off the phone) for Cromwell Lock – the last lock before the tidal Trent.

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