Summer Newsletter is out

Well maybe thats a mistake – calling it the summer newsletter? Don’t know about you, but we haven’t seen much sun yet. Hopefully August will be lovely..

Since Joan’s death I’ve found it really difficult to sit down and do anything creative. Paul and I were talking about this only the other day. Like me he has been able to do the “firefighting stuff” – like answering email etc. but the deep, critical thinking bit has been a real struggle. Part of it is to do with ability to concentrate. I have found that after a while my mind drifts off to think about stuff to do with Joan, like the wierd presents she used to give me (10 boxes of panti-liners), or as Im looking despondantly at my now wild hair in the mirror, remembering how she said my hair resembled Camilla PB, and seeing my reaction (I really didn’t think I looked that old) continued to tease me by calling me Camilla from then on! Isn’t it strange, the kinds of things you remember and miss…

Oh well Ive got the dogs to distract me….until Paul gets back anyway.

Pip and Jet cuddle up

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