We stayed at Hawkesbury Junction a day or so over our allowed 7 days, because it was too wet to move the boat. However Thursday 10 July (Happy Birthday Dan) dawned bright and sunny so we filled up with water, emptied the loo and set off for Burton on Trent. Paul worked while we cruised so I did a lot of steering that first day, to the top of the Atherstone flight of locks.

The next day we made it to Fradley Junction, and the dogs had lots of walks in between the heavy showers. Just as we approached Fradley, Jet – with tennis ball in mouth – suddenly dived through a tiny hole in a hedge and reappeared a couple of minutes later with an ornamental garden squirrel and no sign of the ball. I wrested the ornament from him and stuffed it under the garden gate, hoping no one had seen us!

A drink in the Swan that night was a little disappointing. Beer not so good, but lots of canal gossip to earwig!

Next morning we awoke to bright sunshine and set off on the final leg to Burton, not sure of where to moor. WE had a look at the water park on the run into Burton, but Jet found a pile of rubbish and there was a loud pop concert booming away in a neighbouring field so we carried on through Burton to the lovely little village of Willington about 5 miles or so Nottingham side of Burton-on-Trent. We found the same place to moor as we had last year….


There is a nice wide towpath, where we sat with David and Mandy for a picnic lunch when they visited yesterday. Jet has lots of room to lie down and watch the action.

Jet on the towpath

I am on my own with the dogs until Wednesday. Paul has gone to a meeting in Bolton, then going on up to Penrith to stay with his Dad for a couple of days.

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