A Great Weekend

Paul and I are a little jaded after what must be one of those truely memorable weekends of pubs and parties (are we getting too old for this?)

Our friend Gary is 50 this month and decided that a “club” cruise to Cropredy for the bank holiday weekend was how he would like to celebrate his birthday.

Gary at lock

I had a couple of t-shirts printed for Gary (seen above) and Simon and Caz organised decorations, balloons, and cake. After a gentle cruise up to Cropredy on Saturday afternoon is was down to the pub for a few drinks


then back to Caz and Si’s boat for a party. Vic and Gary played their guitars, then Paul got the dancing going with “Jilted John” to which Si did his party piece. The heat was turned up and Si stripped off and then Gary (not only guitarist but also fitness instructor) got us doing some aerobic dance movements….

Party on boat

how many people can line dance on a narrow boat?

Oh and Paul says Jet can stay as he passed his most important test – behaving in the pub! (see Pip and Jet adventures on the right and side of this page for more pictures of Jet)

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