Jet settles in (we have early nights)

Well what a handful the new boy is – hooligan would be a good desription of his behaviour that first afternoon. Jet barked noon-stop in the car from the Blue Cross Centre at Lewknor to Trupp, where we all went for a walk and a much needed break. Back in the car, and a bit of radio 2, and the barking quietened somewhat. Poor boy must have been so confused, not really knowing us or what was going to happen to him.
Another walk in Spiceball park, Banbury, then into the garden for introductions. No manners indoors though. He charged onto the boat, on the sofa, head in the bin and then jumped onto the bed! First thing we taught him was to get him into his bed and staying.

Jet staying in his bed

Meal times were the next challenge. Jet expected to eat off the plate too! However being put back in his bed, gently but firmly, with lots of praise when he sat there, soon got him sorted.

He is such a character, the way he looks up at you first with one eye and then the other! First dip in the canal yesterday, when he reveresed off the pontoon into the water. Paul was able to grab his harness and lift him out. A quick shake and Jet was off again, non the worse for his dip. More adventures soon.

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