The Blue Cross say Yes

Great news, we are going to collect Jet on Saturday. He has had his dental work done and is recovering from the minor operation at the Blue Cross Centre. While he was having his teeth done the vet checked his eyes and reported some deterioration to the retina which will probably mean that Jet will lose his eyesight in later years. Pip’s eyes aren’t too good (and neither are mine) but she seems to manage OK.

Jet comes with several weeks Petplan insurance, bearing in mind we cannot claim in future for anything he has previously had treated (teeth, ears, cyst removal), should we carry on with the insurance?
Ive gone mad and bought Jet a new bed, new harness, blanket, water bowl and some squeaky balls to throw. With that and the car hire costs for two weekends I’m being very nice to Paul at present as there is a bit of a hole in the savings account. Well it may as well be on Jet, the boys would only find expensive investments for us to help them with otherwise! Considering all the work and expense the Blue Cross have invested in Jet, I think a donation of £100 is very reasonable.

If any of you are thinking of rehoming an animal do go to the Blue Cross Centres first. I have found their staff to be really supportive and helpful. They are very knowledgeable and trained in the latest behaoural theories so able to give sound, consistant advice. Their after care and support for new owners is excellent too.

Here he is again, ready to go!

Jet at the ready

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