A new boy to join the family?

Pip and I have been really miserable since Roles died. I suddenly realised that the pack wasn’t complete one day, when Pip and I were out for a walk and I noticed she just hung round my legs and hardly stopped to sniff any interesting smells. I couldn’t interest her in chasing a ball or any of the games we used to play – no other dog to compete with or to look after I guess.

Paul and I had lots of discussions and we decided that it would be really good to downsize our next dog, to give us more room on the boat and to be easier to care for when it got older. Happy that we were clear, I set to work looking on the internet and found…

Jethro with ball in kennels

Jet (short for Jethro). A sort of Springer spaniel, aged 10yrs, loves his ball and barks a lot when stressed (ie in kennels) which is why no-one has wanted him. And here he is again in close-up…

Jet head

Yes and before you say it, there is a slight resemblance to Roles, (Roles was a Springer X Collie) and he is a little bigger than the jack Russel type dog we thought we would get, but we love him, and more important, Pip likes him. He is a real character and I hope that following our home visit inspection tomorrow (fingers crossed) we will be able to bring him to the boat soon. This will give us time to get him settled in before we go off on our summer cruise. Will keep you all posted.

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