Tribute to Roles


 Well it has happened at last. Not unexpected but John Taylor, our smashing vet, called to the boat on the morning of the 26 Feb and gave Roly the kind injection. Poor old Roles had been sick, and couldn’t seem to get his breath. He was so weak that John said there was nothing more we could do for the old boy and so at 11.30 Paul took Pip off for a little walk and Roles fell into his final sleep. After watching him struggle to breath, it was a blessing to see him so peaceful.  

And how was Pip with all this? You’ll be relieved to hear she is fine, even better than fine! There’s no sentimentality in the dog world. Paul brought her back on the boat to see Roles, and to understand he was dead. She didn’t even go over to sniff him, she just barked for her biscuit – and then for his as well. John explained that they seem to know straight away.

Roly 10    Roly 11Roly 15  

Roly 12   Roly 13

Roly 14

Our old friend was 17 years old and here are a few pictures of him. When I get the chance, and when I stop crying when I think about him, I plan to add a few more pictures, taken when he was younger. Bye old friend. 

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