Spring is just around the corner

Nothing up on the blog for a while ’cause we have been busy with work and stuff.

Latest plans are that we will go and work for Barry and Julie who are managing a boatyard at Eynsham on the Thames, from March until end Sept.

We will leave Banbury at the end of Feb and go down to Oxford for a week. The we will move an Anglo boat from Bradford upon Avon back up to Eynsham. We will be joined by Gemma and Nik, and their dog Tye, who will be moving another boat at the same time. Hope we can keep up with these young people and their wild ways!

Start work at Eynsham on the Wed before Easter, then every Friday, Saturday and Monday through the summer. I have asked for a week off starting end May. I plan to leave Paul and go with my sister Julie back up to Yorkshire to see family then onto Appleby Horse Fair.

Thats it for now.

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