New Years Day 2008

A Happy New Year to you all.

This morning, I hope you were enjoying a nice lie in after an enjoyable, though heavy night of drinking and frolics to welcome in the New Year – not Paul and me though. Oh no! Paul had us up bright and early at 6.00am for a quick getaway up the Atherstone flight of locks, in the dark. I’m told there is reason for this madness, we are trying to get back to Banbury before the blizzard, forecast for the end of the week, sets in. No sign of it yet thank goodness, it was really mild today and the sun even broke through.

A few more boats about this week, quite a few of them hire boats. Such a shame, I was getting to feel that we owned the canal system.

Well arrived in Rugby at 5ish and moored outside Tesco. Paul was surprised to find that the store wasn’t open when we got there, in fact the staff had been allowed the whole day off and wouldn’t be back manning the tills ’til tomorrow at 8am. What a cheek, that’s far too late for us early starters. Anyway the upshot of this is that we have run out of Earl Grey Tea so he will have to make do with ordinary tea.

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