Christmas Day

Happy Christmas, pressies and tea in bed and a leasurely start to the day. Andy arrived with pressies for the dogs. Roly managed pretty well, though Pip thought he was  a bit slow and pinched his second pressy – some chews – which she tried to stuff down in one to keep them from Roly!

Roly and Pip with present

Wandered up from the boat to Lu and Mike’s bearing a nut roast Paul had made that morning, plus bottles of wine etc. The kitchen was a hive of activity – Simon had made inroads on preparing the veg; the turkey crown was cooking away, the wine was flowing and Mikes Mum and Dad – Theresa and Bob – had arrived.

Theresa and boys

Liz, the boys english tutor, and her partner arrived so we gave Lu a bit of quiet in the kitchen and introduced Liz and Theresa to “Von’s Game”.

 Liz Lu and boys

Briefly give everyone 3 or 4 bits of paper, write the name of something on each piece, then fold them up and place in a hat. Divide people into teams. First team has 1 minute for one team-member to take names from hat one at a time, and describe the name to other team members for them to guess. When 1 minute has elapsed, or team is stuck, the hat is passed to the next team and so on until all the names have been guessed. Team with most names has won that round. Names are put back in the hat and the game repeated, but this time name has to be described in 2 words. Third and final round names on paper are acted – no words allowed! Best with different age ranges and after a few drinks!

Simon’s attempt at acting Bambi (cavorting on all fours), and Mike’s Tin Tin (baked beans?) scenario have gone down in Wooler Christmas legends!

Tucked into a scrumptious lunch later on that afternoon, with Bob in fine form telling hair-raising tales of SAS days.


And followed by opening remaining presents and more games.

 Si relaxing

Brief walk with dogs. Supper of cheese and biscuits and port, then rolled down the hill to bed.

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