And even more locks

Near the top of the Hatton flight a huge, wierd metal sculpture emerges from a (frozen) pond.

Monster insect

OK we were going to stop at the top of the Hatton flight, but we made it up in 3 hours so the day was young and we decided to push on.

 Arriving a couple of miles later at another flight of locks, the Lapworth flight of 21.


These locks were easier as they were single and not very deep. Up in no time!

¬†This is one of the old “horse turnover bridges” used when the towpath changes side. It has a bobbin for the tow rope to go round while the horse walks across the top and a split in the bridge for the rope to pass through.

Old horse bridge

As soon as the towpath widened we pulled over for the night. The temperature plummeted as the sky was clear, but we had a wonderful sunset.

SunsetA After an early supper it was time to break out the Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut, as we felt we deserved it.

Roly felt he deserved it too and tried to swop his chew for a couple of chunks. No chance!

Roly with chew

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