Nottingham again

A relaxed trip back from Great Heywood and we have now arrived back in Nottingham for the weekend.  Met up with my brother David in Willington and saw all his boating photos from his hols in the Fens.

Karen’s cousin Nicky and daughter Sophie came down to see us and bring the new foam for our sofa and some more cushion covers – all looking very nice now. Curtains next.  The old foam is currently under our matress so the bed is almost at the ceiling – but very comfy!!

Planning to go up the Erewash early next week – had lots of advice on where not to stop and just how much rubbish is in the canal. Can it be worse than the Huddersfield? We’ll let you know.

Dogs are doing fine, Roly is stable for now and enjoying life still – but we are looking for “pampers mats” for him to lie on at night. 

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