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Langley Mill

Wednesday, September 19th, 2007

Made it up the Erewash Canal to Langley Mill baisin. Lovely trip!  We don’t know why we were warned how terrible it is – ie canal full of rubbish, having to clear the prop every few yards and Ilkeston being a battle zone with the local kids?

There was a little bit of rubbish in a couple of spots, but much less than the Huddersfield or the Birmingham Navigations. In fact it is a really scenic canal, except perhaps in one or two of the more industrial areas. Everyone we met on our way up the canal and in the baisin has been really friendly. Mind you we did time our trip to fit with the school day, so we havent met the under 16s yet. 

Three lovely old working boats in the baisin, a motor with a wooden hull and another old butty – recently replated. Will investigate further tomorrow as a “hole in the water” (old historic boat) is just what we need in which to pour our hard earned cash.

Good to catch up with my brother David and family who live a mile up the hill from Langley Mill. Thanks for the all the broad band computer time to upload the photos David. Taking Mum and Dad with us on our trip back down the Erewash to Trent Lock. Will light the stove to keep Mum warm, as the mornings are definitely getting autumnal and a bit nippy.

Photo Collection…

Wednesday, September 19th, 2007

Dog on boat Willington Old Jeruslum Nott Nott Castle Nott Market Sq Night Greta’s Friends Hazelford Lock Sean on the wine Chris and Josh Chris, Kerry and Josh Lincoln Bridge after Glory Hole Junction Canal Aquaduct gates 

Gabi and Kelly Stoke Lock Morning David Fens Boating Hols

Nottingham again

Saturday, September 15th, 2007

A relaxed trip back from Great Heywood and we have now arrived back in Nottingham for the weekend.  Met up with my brother David in Willington and saw all his boating photos from his hols in the Fens.

Karen’s cousin Nicky and daughter Sophie came down to see us and bring the new foam for our sofa and some more cushion covers – all looking very nice now. Curtains next.  The old foam is currently under our matress so the bed is almost at the ceiling – but very comfy!!

Planning to go up the Erewash early next week – had lots of advice on where not to stop and just how much rubbish is in the canal. Can it be worse than the Huddersfield? We’ll let you know.

Dogs are doing fine, Roly is stable for now and enjoying life still – but we are looking for “pampers mats” for him to lie on at night. 

Tixal or bust

Saturday, September 8th, 2007

After 2 strenuous days slogging along from Nottingham, have made it to Great Heywood to meet up with Barry and Julie. Weather fantastic, really hot and sunny. No booze on the boat so probably down the pub tonight.

We will be travelling back towards Shardlow, then on and up the Erewash canal to Langley Mill. Hoping to catch up with Paul’s other brother David. Just heard that Paul’s parents Joan and Ray are planning a 10 day visit to Davids at about the same time and we will probably see tham too. So if you have some post for us (a case of wine would be nice) get it to Pauls Mum and Dad asap.